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So I was too chicken-shit to sign up last year - especially since I'd only started writing again, and haven't fully got the hang of LJ at that point. But I'm definitely doing it this year, and I can't wait! Now just to get my plot straight in my head!!! Wheeeee!

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Things I've been meaning to pimp!

I think this looks like a great new comm! Very excited about it!!!

MerlinREDUX Art/Fic Fest

And also this one - cause there ain't enough lovely art is this fandom!

The merlin_art_fest is a prompt-based artist-only fest celebrating all our awesome artists! Please come and post your prompts, and get ready to claim on Dec 31! If none of the prompts tickle your fancy, you can also do your own thing! All mediums are welcome.

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I haven't said anything about the end of Merlin yet, and that's mainly because I have very little to say about it. I did enjoy the last two episodes, but if you guys know me, you know I'm heartbroken. But... I do have one consolable thought... Oh yes...

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I forgot about this... Bad, bad Tam!

So a couple of weeks ago a lovely person over on contacted me to ask if she could translate one of my fics into Russian! *gasp* Me? I can't believe someone liked something I wrote enough to do this. Feel completely honoured =) Anywho it's all done now, and while I can't read Russian, and really it could say anything - I think it looks great! My little mind-fart has a fan!!!!!!!!

The original (boring) English is here but the new super-duper crazy looking Russian version is here!

Oh, and it's my main love of the Merlin fandom - yes, Arthur/Gwaine! So that just makes me even happier! =)
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--I can't decide how I feel about bananabread... I'm on my second slice, and I have no idea if I like it or not - it's causing strange things to happen in my mouth, and I don't know if they are pleasant or not. Only got half a slice left, I don't think I'll figure it out, but well mam made a loaf so I guess I can have more later when I get home! :)

-- I'm trying not to be angry but my boyfriend is such a fucktard sometimes! I think though that I'm just being a grumpy shit (it's been known to happen).

--Had an exam this morning - usually I'm crap at any form of maths but I think it went well... *fingers-crossed* There was only one Standard Deviation question and one Half Life question - I was not impressed!!

--All the artwork for merlinreversebb was fantastic but nothing bit me =( so I won't be taking part! I'm sad about this, but if inspiration doesn't strike then... What can you do?

--Bananabread finished and still no closer to deciding if I should ever eat it again...

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