tambear13 (tambear13) wrote,


I was poking around earlier and I found an old notebook of mine from a few years ago. Forgot I used to write poetry to vent out my feelings. Anyway here's one...

Who are you to judge me?
But then again --
Who am I to judge you?
You make it so easy,
do I make it hard?
Your vanity prickles on my nerves,
my tongue lashes - venom ripe.
Others duck and dive for cover,
But where's safe in this world of friends?
With your hackles raised,
my eyes slits - it starts again.
This game we play,
This beat we move to,
War drums pound in my ears.
The scars from our last encounter sting again,
And I wonder, as time goes by,
Are you worth it?
Am I?

Tags: teenage angst, {poetry}

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