tambear13 (tambear13) wrote,

Friends only... For the most part.

This journal is mostly friends locked. I'm a pretty private person! All personal entries will be locked, however fandom related stuff will be open-to-all. I don't automatically friend people who add me, if you wanna be friends drop me a comment!

There is adult content on this journal, ye be warned if you're a tot!
Tags: friends, me, my life..., welcome

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    I was poking around earlier and I found an old notebook of mine from a few years ago. Forgot I used to write poetry to vent out my feelings. Anyway…

  • While loading just popping in to say...

    I am in love with Harvey Specter!!

  • Pimpage!!!!

    Prompting for round 3 opens October 1st, 2013! F.A.Q. // Support // Tumblr

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