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Friends, Family and Feckin' Idiots!
Summary: This was the tenth apartment Merlin had looked at; all the others within his price range were small, poky and dingy. This place looked promising; he knocked on the door and listened to somebody shouting. He grimaced – maybe this wasn’t his future home; he was formulating an apology about being at the wrong door when it swung open to reveal a beautiful man with flowing brown hair and stumble gracing a chiselled jaw.

First Hesitant Steps
Summary:The boys go on their first little adventure, in the big bad world of the back garden.

Summary:Children say the meanest things.

Summary: Arthur watches Merlin dance.

Those not Seen
Summary:Merlin loves Arthur's visible scars, it's the ones he can't see that torture him.

Whispered Love
Summary:Arthur tells him when no one is there to listen.

Hero's and Thorns
Summary:Arthur rescues a bird from some brambles...

A Night to Remember... Or Not!
Summary:It's Paddy's day and Merlin, somehow, finds himself in Temple Bar with Gwaine.

Sugar High
Summary:“He blew my mind as well as my cock!” AKA When partnered with Arthur Pendragon, Sports Captain and jock, for a Biology project, Merlin realises he may have been going around with his head in the sand.


The Only Way He Knows How
Summary:Gwaine was delighted his sword didn’t seem to be anywhere on hand, possibly Merlin had hid it for everyone’s safety – the look on Arthur's face was one of pure fury.

Love, Set, Match!
Summary:Competitive Wii playing turns into competitive sex!

Summary:Arthur can't take Gwaine anywhere!

Summary:Gwaine wants to mark Arthur.

Summary:Arthur has a secret, Gwaine is about to find out.

Stood Up
Summary:Arthur hates Gwaine, hates him from making him feel this way.

Tuesday Afternoon
Summary:Gwaine didn't do feelings, at all. And what was with the damn clock?

Start Small
Summary:Arthur gets a kitten - apparently, if can say he loves it, he'll eventually be able to tell Gwaine he loves him too... Merlin's idea, of course!

Facebook Friends
Summary:Freya adds Merlin as a friend on Facebook, and he panics. Arthur and Gwaine seem like the logical people to go to...


Take Her Up, Cast Him Away!
Summary:Morgana realises that the best way to take Camelot and overthrow Arthur is to take it from the inside. Take those most loyal to him, and watch him fall.

Bubba Gump Beans!
Character/Pairing: Merlin, Percival, Gwaine.
Summary: Ficlet from "Friends, Family and Feckin' Idiots!"

It's mentioned in Chapter 9 "The Art Of Wooing," that Merlin can't cook. Here's what he did with some beans, and how Percy ended up with scars and why he should never be trusted in the kitchen!

X and Y
Character/Pairing: Arthur/Gwen, Gwen/Lancelot
Summary: Prequel to Friends, Family and Feckin' Idiots!

His heart may have been shattered into a million little pieces, but the best way to get over someone was to get under someone else. And he could start with Sophia.

Character/Pairing: Arthur
Summary:They're his, and his alone.

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