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Why Love Matters by fr333bird (Arthur/Merlin; NC-17)

Summary: Arthur needs help overcoming issues with physical intimacy in order to clinch a business deal with demonstrative Italians. Merlin, his assistant, suggests that he attends a 'cuddle workshop' to get him over his fears. Adult content eventually.
Notes: This is just a happy, feel good fic -- that is an absolute delight to read. I found myself really identifying with Arthur in this, as I hate unnecessary physical contact. Arthur and Merlin are great together, Hunith is a marvel and Uther is a dear. Great read!

Preparation by lamardeuse (Arthur/Morgause; NC-17)

Summary: Morgause teaches Arthur about himself.
Notes: HOT!!! If you like pegging that is ;) Cougar Morgause, and Arthur in denial.

Something About You by lamardeuse (Arthur/Merlin; NC-17)

Summary: Arthur was now entirely certain he'd lost what was left of his mind.
Notes: A hot about discovery and trying new things. Arthur is adorable in this, and Merlin is rocking :) No actual anal, but rimming :)

What Child Is This by lamardeuse (Arthur/Merlin; NC-17)

Summary: A modern AU with Merlin, Arthur, mayhem, a baby and a jingly elf hat.
Notes: Another great fic by this amazing author! Lot's of fun, lots of self discovery, lots of denial and a baby thrown in for good measure - brilliant! Morgana and Gaius are stars :)

The Crown of the Summer Court by astolat (Arthur/Merlin; NC-17)

Summary: "The king sent me to get you," Merlin said, with a tone that implied strongly that he wasn't rolling his eyes where Arthur could see, but just wait until his back was turned. "He said you're to get changed into formal clothes and meet him in the Great Hall, there's a delegation coming from the Summer Court."
Notes: An amazing fic, Merlin is a total BAMF which I love -- kickass powerful, and Arthur volunteers to come along for the ride. Lots of magic, lots of fighting, lots of family arguments, some very hot sex, and lots of feelings make this a fantastic read! Oh, and a scandalized Uther, and some perving elves ;)

Perfect by scatterglory (Arthur/Merlin; NC-17)

Summary: “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have … I saw your ring. But you … you’re just so … and I thought you were checking me out, and you seemed like you wanted it, and I wanted you so much...” Merlin trailed off, staring earnestly into Arthur’s eyes.

Arthur went cold. Of course Merlin was apologizing. Merlin was with Will, and he was with Sophia. This was for the best.

“Yeah.” His voice was hoarse.

“Yeah what?” Merlin asked uncertainly.

Yeah, you shouldn’t have. “Yeah, I wanted it.”
Notes:One of my all-time favourite fics. It hits every mark. It's hot, it's full of feelings, there are sweet bits, there are rough bits. Arthur is a complete closet case, about to get married to a woman he doesn't really love but can't stay away from Merlin. Perfect!

Brilliant Absurdity by mysecretashes (Arthur/Merlin; NC-17)

Summary: Merlin is the head photographer at a popular gay porn magazine, and Arthur is coming out in a big, nude way. When Arthur offers himself up at the end of his session, Merlin can't possibly resist.
Notes: Hot! Rebellious Arthur, spreading himself for all to see - how much I want to see that photoshoot! ;)

Rince, Lather, Repeat by leashy_bebes (Arthur/Merlin; NC-17)

Summary:Crumble fic under running water, and be sure to suspend disbelief before bathing. An epic tale of awkwardness, daft boys, and love as expressed through bathing products (yes, you read that right. Bathing products).
Notes: Lush and Body shop war? Hot bath sex? Need I say more...?

Held Fast, Made Safe by leashy_bebes (Arthur/Merlin/Percival; NC-17)

Summary:Percival would do anything for his king. No, really. Anything. (Written for the prompt "Percival holds Arthur down while Merlin fucks him" at KMM
Notes: Enchanted, needy, whiny, horny Arthur - Exasperated Merlin and turned-on as fuck Percival. What a combo! :) Brilliant!

Hunger For You by tourdefierce (Arthur/Merlin; NC-17)

Summary:This is a story about boys who love each other, who also love their dicks and what comes out of them. (I wanted to say ‘lovejuice’ but I refrained. Aren’t you glad?)
Notes:Kinky, very kinky but hot. Not for everybody.

The One Where Gwaine Gets Cockblocked by Destiny by tourdefierce (Arthur/Merlin; NC-17)

Summary:Gwaine is supposed to be getting some sexy-times with Merlin. He doesn't understand why that isn't happening and he's going to find out, dammit.
Notes: Voyeur Gwaine, and hot magic sex with Arthur being a needy bottom!

Hold Fast by lolafeist (Arthur/Merlin, Arthur/Knights; NC-17)

Summary:When a mischievous nymph bespells Prince Arthur, Merlin enlists his closest knights to help soothe him. (Which is a nice way to say this is basically lots of rimming and horny and/or scandalized knights.)
Notes: Hot as hell, with enchanted, whiny Arthur who's arse need constant attention. Brilliant!

For the Good of All by lolafeist (Arthur/Merlin, Arthur/Knights; NC-17)

Summary:To bring fortune upon the realm, a ritual Conquest is held. This year, Prince Arthur serves as the holy vessel, submitting to dozens of warriors who fill him with seed.
Notes:Hot gangbang, followed by a loving Merlin. Felching and comeplay. Epic - nobody does it better :)

Anything for You by riventhorn (Arthur/Leon; NC-17)

Summary:Set during episode 2.06. Leon comforts Arthur after Uther disinherits him.
Notes: A very touching series of 7 stories -- Leon is always there for his Prince.

Red Jacket by riventhorn (Arthur/Percival, Arthur/Leon; NC-17)

Summary:We’ll teach you to be a good boy,” Leon murmured. “You’re going to please Percival tonight. You’re going to show him how good you can be."
Notes: Hot, D/S, bondage -- everything you could wish for!

I Packed my Heart In The Box Labelled "Books" by riventhorn (Arthur/Percival; NC-17)

Summary:Arthur/Percival, modern AU, moving in together
Notes: Very sweet, and the follow-up fics to go with it are great. Hot and sexy!

Haven by Chance by eurydice (Arthur/Percival; NC-17)

Summary:Percival Chance looks like he might have it all, but his shyness and insecurity cripple him from any kind of real relationship. Until he meets a gorgeous blond at a club one night and decides to take a chance. When he finds out his hook-up is none other than Arthur Pendragon, one of the most powerful businessmen in London, he's convinced he's made a terrible mistake. It's up to Arthur to convince him otherwise...
Notes:Long fic is long - but well worth it. It's beautiful -- Arthur always the top meets Percival and, for once, considers being the bottom. But it will take a while to get there, and in the mean time, there's dates, love, and everything in between. Really really fantastic read! So many feelings for this fic ♥

Tell me How by fr333bird (Arthur/Merlin; NC-17)

Summary:Merlin and Arthur are roommates at a posh boarding school. That's all you need to know.
Notes: I have so many feelings for this fic -- it's wonderful! Boys on the path of discovery :) The sex is hot, the feelings are sweet and awkward, and it's just perfect!
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