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Arthur/Gwaine rec list.

If All Else Fails, Lower Your Standards by giselleslash

Summary:Somehow Arthur ended up Gwaine's full-time booty call, which was really rather annoying. Except when it wasn't.
Notes: Fun and sexy, with hot times! Merlin and Leon are great.

A Slight Omission by giselleslash

Summary: Based on this Kinkme prompt: Gwaine dislikes the upper class with a passion. He tells Arthur as much after (or during) their one-night-stand. Arthur keeps quiet about his wealthy background, assuming it will never work out between them anyway. When it does seem to be working out, keeping his richness secret becomes more difficult by the day. Bonus points for BFF Arthur/Merlin.
Notes: Nobody writes Arthur/Gwaine as good -- this is delightful, based on the idea that lies always come back to haunt you. It's a fun, cute read with a good dollop of angst thrown in for good measure :)

Charming Mansluts by giselleslash

Summary: Gwaine and Arthur have a night of drunken escapades that could possibly lead to more despite their best efforts to be dumb guys about it all. They also do their best to gross Merlin out along the way.
Notes: My favourite all time Arthur/Gwaine story -- these two are my guilty pleasure! And nobody writes them better! It's fun, lots of sexy times, bottom!Arthur, a good dose of Merlin and Leon who are written perfectly! All round fun!

Charming Mansluts: The Brunch Addition
by giselleslash

Summary: Merlin and Leon sit in Gwaine's super special chair and ponder the mystery that is Arthur and Gwaine. Freya also does a really frighteningly accurate imitation of Arthur's sex noises that makes Gwaine proud and Arthur cringe and makes Merlin think about bananas. And then they have brunch. (okay, let's face it, this thing doesn't really have a plot.)
Notes: Brilliant, just brilliant. It's full of fuzzy feelings between the boys, again great Leon and Merlin commentary. And so so so sweet!

The Devil's Food by rufflefeather

Summary: Arthur fails at cake-baking, Merlin is a cat and Gwaine does things with frosting.
Notes: Oh, I just fell in love with this fic! It's brilliant, funny, and so endearing. I love Arthur and all his efforts not to have feelings. Plus choclate cake and a cat named Merlin - what more could anyone ask for :)

Sometimes Romance is Mandatory by leashy_bebes

Summary: It doesn't matter that Merlin insists Arthur and Gwaine's relationship is a sign of the apocalypse, it's still been happening for six months, and that's worth marking.
Notes: They were both purrrfect in this fic! I love Arthur's internal panic, and Gwaine's easy-going attitude. The perfect, in need of love and squishy feelings fic!

The Way To A Man's Heart (And All That Jazz) by leashy_bebes

Summary: Arthur learns that sometimes blind dates – even unexpected, unwanted ones with Merlin's friends – work out. Eventually. (Written for gwaine_quest for the prompt of 'modern AU, Gwaine is a chef and Arthur berates his cooking')
Notes: I loved it - grinned the whole way through. Merlin and Freya are the most adorable thing in the thing in the world, and the banter between Arthur and Gwaine is great. Lovely falling, hard, for each other fic.

Limits and Outlines by rufflefeather

Summary: Merlin is ill, Arthur and Gwaine both feel helpless.
Notes: A good fic about feeling useless, and needing to do something. The helplessness that they both feel is well written, and then the sex to distract. A really good pre0slash Arthur/Merlin fic.

The Bet by marguerite_26

Summary:When their football team gets a new keeper, Gwaine convinces Arthur to take a bet.
Notes; Hot shower sex, an Arthur in denial and boys playing football - what more could you want?

Truce by trojie

Summary:Merlin has both the men he wants, but he's not happy.
Notes: Bottom!Arthur, first time -- need I say anymore?

In All The Best Ways Possible by aly

Summary: Gwaine proposes (and panics).
Notes: Just a delightful read! Very sweet and cute!
Tags: arthur/gwaine, buuuuums and hair!

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